Paula Patton addresses controversy over fried chicken recipe

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Paula Patton has addressed backlash over her go-to recipe for fried chicken.

Earlier this week, the actress posted a video in which she demonstrated how she makes her mother Joyce Patton's "famous" recipe, with the process involving rinsing the chicken in water, dipping it in flour and avocado oil, and seasoning with salt, pepper, and paprika.

The four-minute clip quickly attracted attention online, with followers divided by whether or not she should wash the meat and her conventional seasoning method.

On Tuesday, Paula returned to Instagram to post a video titled "Peace, love and fried chicken."

"I just wanted to respond and say listen, I get it. It might look crazy. It is the way we do it. My mom taught me," the 46-year-old said, adding that the way the original video was edited may have made it appear that she didn't wash the chicken.

Yet, Paula pledged to continue to season food the way she learned from her mum.

"(I) always make my mom's chicken the way she did it. We put the seasonings in the oil and all that," she continued. "It's just the way we do it."