Paul Burrell opens up about his cancer journey

Former Royal butler Paul Burrell shared an update on his cancer journey with GMB viewers ahead of his first operation.

Arriving at The Christie hospital in Manchester, to meet his consultant for the first time and have a pre-op assessment, Paul, 64, admitted: “It’s a little bit scary."

Credit: 'Good Morning Britain' / ITV

Video transcript

PAUL BURRELL: This isn't about me, is it? It's about the big picture. It's about my hubby, Coop. It's about our relationship, the way forward. So I had to talk about all of that.

That's a very important piece of the jigsaw. And I get so emotional because of the ho-- because of the hormone therapy, which she said I'll have to continue after the operation. So I'm going to be in a mess for a very long time.