Paul Burrell believes Princess Diana would have attended coronation

Paul Burrell thinks Princess Diana would have attended King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s coronation if she were still alive.

The ‘I’m A Celebrity … South Africa’ star was the late princess’ butler and confidante and he believes his former boss – who died in a car crash in 1997 – wouldn’t bear a grudge towards the couple as she’d have been hugely successful in her own right.

He told OK! magazine: “I always think to myself, ‘What would she do in this situation?’ And she would have been at the coronation looking glorious, in her 60s, outshining everyone the way she did.

“I don’t think she would hold any animosity at all towards her ex-husband or her ex-husband’s wife.

“I think she would have gone on in life and achieved her own ambitions, still being royal and regal.”

Paul admitted his own thoughts will be with Diana on the day of the couple’s coronation.

He said “I’ll be thinking, ‘How many people around the world will be sparing a thought for our beautiful princess?’

“She’s the one person that won’t be there but she will be there in spirit.

“Everybody inside that abbey – including William, Harry, Kate, Charles, Camilla, all of them – will be thinking of Princess Diana.”

Despite Charles and Camilla’s public affair, Paul believes Diana would have been supportive of the queen consort being by the side of her ex-husband.

He said: “I think she realised long ago that Charles didn’t love her and she wouldn’t bear him any malice. And she knew long ago she was headed for the ‘top job’ as she called it.

"And she would realise that he would need support and support comes in the form of Camilla. You can’t do that job by yourself – you need someone to lean on."