Patti LaBelle backs Lil Nas X's same-sex kiss at BET Awards

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Patti LaBelle credit:Bang Showbiz
Patti LaBelle credit:Bang Showbiz

Patti LaBelle has defended Lil Nas X's same-sex kiss at the BET Awards.

The 77-year-old singer praised the 22-year-old rapper for "living his life" after he caused controversy by sharing a passionate kiss with a male backup dancer whilst performing 'MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)' at the entertainment awards last month.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s 'Urban View', she said: “I am really understanding now that people understand people have to live their lives the way they need to live. Sometimes it’s not bad to be yourself. It’s always good to be yourself and let the chips fall, but don’t be afraid and stay in the closet for the rest of your life.

“Lil Nas X came out, he kissed the man on the BET Awards, and it was what he wanted to do. Does that make him a bad person? No, he did himself. I say keep on doing you…”

Lil Nas X received homophobic backlash following his performance at the BET Awards, with one critic tweeting: "You’re so insecure about your sexuality you’re over compensating for it every chance you get. Gay people who know themselves don’t constantly have to remind everyone that they are gay."

The 'Lady Marmalade' hitmaker accused critics of shunning Lil Nas X of his talent but she assured the 'Old Town Road' singer that there is "room for everybody".

She continued: “Don’t blow out someone’s candle so yours can light brighter. Don’t dim anybody, just give the stage and the audience what you have.

“I’ve been told I have a big mouth, a loud mouth. That’s the voice God gave me. And that’s the one I’m going to use until I leave this planet. And so what I’m saying is there’s room for everybody too. Some people are intimidated by certain people and there is no need to be. Just do you, and don’t step on anybody’s toes, just do you and God will bless you.”

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