Patsy Kensit 'set up on blind date' with now-fiance Patric Cassidy

Patsy Kensit is engaged to millionaire companion Patric Cassidy credit:Bang Showbiz
Patsy Kensit is engaged to millionaire companion Patric Cassidy credit:Bang Showbiz

Patsy Kensit was set up on a blind date with her property tycoon fiancé, Patric Cassidy.

The 55-year-old actress - who has James, 29, with Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr, and 23-year-old Lennon with former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher - got engaged again in February and admits she was taken by surprise by her millionaire lover, 58, as she wasn't looking for a new relationship.

She told The Mirror: “These things happen when you least expect it. I got set up on a blind date, so there you go.”

The soap star admits her relationship is more of a "companionship".

She continued: “I think we have to understand that you are never going to be able to change someone. I use the word companionship. I’m not ruling the intimacy side of things out but relationships are different at this age, and that is good and OK. You have got to be hopeful and grateful.”

Her beloved cat Bowie took a while to accept the new man in her life, especially as the pussy is used to spooning her.

She said: “I don’t think Bowie liked it at first. My cat spoons me. He is a Ragdoll cat and he has got a funny way about him.”

And gushing over her sons, she said: “My boys are both involved in the entertainment business. One [James] is an artistic director for the Arctic Monkeys, and my youngest is a guitarist and models to make some money. I have protected them my whole life.”

Patsy was heartbroken when her babies became teenagers but says she and her boys are extremely close and both of them get on well together and have a typical brotherly bond and "wind each other up" all the time.

She went on: “When James moved to Italy, I got the cat immediately and then I followed him to Italy and he was like, ‘Leave me alone!’ It broke my heart when they both became teenagers.”

Patsy added: “My oldest calls me every day. wherever he is in the world. They are close and they are funny together and wind each other up. We are crazy about cats and we always send cat memes to each other.”

Patsy has been married four times previously.

She was wed to Dan Donovan from 1998 to 1991, before tying the knot with Jim in 1992.

Following her 1995 split from Jim, she married Liam in 1997 but that marriage ended in 2000.

And, her fourth marriage, to DJ Jeremy Healy, lasted just one year.

Patsy previously vowed never to wed again after her fourth marriage.

She said: "This year has been truly, truly awful. I lost my confidence and ballooned from eight stone to 11. I'm looking forward now, with one million per cent conviction, that I definitely won't be getting married again."

She added: "I basically married all of my boyfriends.

"I'm a hopeless romantic and wanted them all to work... I don't think I will ever get married again. I think I've ruined the sanctity of it.

"I do believe in love - I choose to believe in love. I won't let my past experiences change that. I definitely don't want to become one of those people."