Will Partner Track get a season 2?

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partner track ending explained netflix's partner track season 2
Netflix confirm future of Partner Track season 2Netflix

Earlier this year, legal drama Netflix's Partner Track was all anyone could talk about, after it shot straight into the streaming service's Top 10.

The series followed lawyer Ingrid Yun as she worked to make partner at a top New York City firm. Based on the novel by Helen Wan, Partner Track mixes romance with work competition, as Ingrid finds herself caught between current boyfriend Nick Laren and charming former one-night stand Jeff Murphy.

If, like us, you were invested in all 10 episodes,, you're probably wondering whether there's a season two on the way any time soon. So, is it going to happen?

Has Partner Track season two been confirmed?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Partner Track season two isn't happening. Variety confirmed in November 2022 that despite the show's popularity, it wouldn't be turning for any more episodes.

partner track ending explained netflix's partner track season 2

Fans are gutted to hear the news, particularly as Partner Track wasn't listed as a limited series on the streamer (limited series are usually restricted to one standalone season).

"Partner Track getting cancelled feels cruel because we were just getting a taste of Ingrid Yun finding herself and reevaluating her morals in a cut throat world and also, Z," one fan wrote.

Another put, "What does 'success' even mean to @netflix? It debuted well. It has a fan base begging for S2. It has critical acclaim. People are still discovering it and liking it. They started the process of writing a second season. There’s more story to tell. I’m so frustrated."

Oh dear.

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