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Paris Hilton names the Irwin family’s baby giraffe at Australia Zoo

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A baby giraffe has been welcomed into the Irwin family’s Australia Zoo, and its name has been chosen by none other than Paris Hilton.

The heiress became an honorary member of the Irwin family last May as part of Uber Eats’ “Tonight I’ll Be Eating” campaign. In several campaign videos, Paris Hilton interacts with the famous Australian family in a variety of different scenarios at their Australia Zoo.

Now, the social media influencer has been given the honour of naming the Irwin’s newest baby giraffe: Princess Lasagna Baby.

Princess Lasagna Baby has already become somewhat of a local celebrity after her name was displayed on an Uber Eats 3D billboard in Melbourne on Wednesday with the tagline: “Named by Paris Hilton”. Passersby stopped to take pictures of Princess Lasagna Baby’s animated billboard in central Melbourne, but fans of Paris Hilton’s four-legged friend can meet her in-person at the Australia Zoo.

Food delivery company UberEats Australia launched their collaboration with Paris Hilton and the Irwin family – Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin – in May with a number of adverts showing the American socialite lending a not-so-helpful hand to the Irwin’s at their Australia Zoo.

In one promo, a snake accidentally swallows Paris’s chihuahua. “Crikey, Paris. This is where we keep the snakes,” Terri exclaims in the clip. Paris responds: “That is so crikey.”

Following the launch of the Uber Eats campaign, matriarch Terri Irwin spoke with Pedestrian about welcoming Paris Hilton into the Irwin family.

“We were delighted to welcome Paris into the family,” Terri, 58, said. “While she may not be cut out for zoo work, there’s no doubt she’s a business powerhouse and will help us share Australia Zoo’s conservation message with a whole new audience.”

Robert Irwin, 18, also explained that his family has “more in common [with Paris] than you might think.”

“We’re both big, big animal lovers, maybe different kinds of animals, but we both have a really good respect for the natural world,” he said. “It’s been really really really fun to create this unlikely friendship with Paris. And hopefully one that will continue and when she comes back to Australia, I’m sure we’ll definitely catch up.”

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton was excited about the opportunity to pair up with the Irwins because she uses Uber Eats “basically every single day”.

“I love it! I love food, I love ordering and I love the brand Uber so when I got the call to do this, and it was with Australians and the Irwins, I was like, ‘This sounds like so much fun,’” she said. “I love the Aussies!”

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