Paris Hilton felt 'villainised' by press in 2000s

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Paris Hilton felt like she, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan were villainised by the press for enjoying a party in the 2000s.

The socialite was famously snapped by the paparazzi hanging out with the Toxic singer and Mean Girls star, among other celebrities, at parties in the mid-2000s and was depicted as a rich wild child.

"The way that I was treated - myself, Britney, Lindsay, all of us - it was a sport," she told Harper's Bazaar of the media frenzy surrounding them. "We were just young girls discovering life, going out to a party. And we were villainised for it."

Paris consistently made headlines throughout the 2000s because of her party girl image, the airhead persona she created for her reality show The Simple Life, her leaked sex tape, and her brief stint in prison for reckless driving.

Many years later, the entrepreneur is relieved people finally see the real her and she is no longer the butt of the joke.

"I feel so proud of the woman that I've become, because for so long I kept all of that with me," she shared. "I just was not secure. Now I feel that people finally respect me and get me in ways that they never did."

She added, "It's a good feeling to be real. To not feel like some cartoon character all the time. It's a really good feeling."

Paris and Britney have remained friends, with the TV personality attending the popstar's wedding to Sam Asghari last year.