Paris Fury shares ordeal after birth of daughter Athena

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Tyson and Paris Fury had a worrying time with their newborn credit:Bang Showbiz
Tyson and Paris Fury had a worrying time with their newborn credit:Bang Showbiz

Paris Fury knew "something wasn't right" with her daughter Athena hours after the tot had been born.

The wife of boxer Tyson Fury - with who she has five other children; sons Prince John James, eight, Prince Tyson Fury II, four, Prince Adonis Amaziah, 16 months, and daughters Venezuela, 10, and Valencia, three - had a “lovely birth” back in August but she and her husband could tell all wasn't right with their little girl, and nurses soon discovered her heart rate was very high, prompting a dash to a hospital with better children's intensive care facilities.

Speaking on 'Loose Women', she said: "Everything was seemingly perfect. I had a lovely birth and everything was fine, she came out 6lb 10oz and all healthy, and then after a couple of hours, we found out something wasn't right.

“Tyson was holding the baby - he said, 'Something's not right,' and we got the nurses in and they said, 'Her heart rate's at 300 beats per minute and it's something called SVT' - apparently it's very common in young babies."

Paris recounted her fear as Athena was “rushed off” for treatment in the intensive care.

She elaborated: “She got rushed off to ICU, I couldn't even go, I was still numb on the bed. Tyson followed her through and when I went in, she was getting ventilated - it was a serious, serious condition and she needed to be blue whited over to Alder Hey hospital. We then spent the next two weeks trying to work out what was the matter with her."

After a few weeks, Athena was taken off a ventilator and things seemed to be looking up, only for the tot to take a turn for the worse as she "just stopped breathing" in Paris' arms.

Paris recalled: “She was in my arms, we were going to move down to the high dependency unit and she just stopped breathing. She became non responsive. I screamed for the nurses because she wasn't connected to any of the machines anymore. The nurses came running in, ripped her out of my arms, put her on the bed, they pressed the buzzer and all the doctors came flooding in. They called Resus. I called Tyson - he was running around the hospital grounds because he was still training for his Wilder fight."

Paris said when Tyson came back from his run, she “broke down” because she didn't think the baby would make it.

She went on: "Obviously by this point it looked like everything was going ok with Athena, so he went jogging. He came running in. I just broke down and screamed and said, 'She's dying, she's dying,' and it looked that way. "

Paris found it tough trying to juggle the needs of all her children at such a "scary" time.

She said: "It was such a scary two weeks and you don't expect it. Your sixth child... I've always had healthy kids, good births, to be blue lighted and following an ambulance hours after having a baby... it was so, so scary.

"It was the first time in my life I wanted to be cut in half and split in two. I had the kids at home upset about the baby and mum, and we were in ICU - me and Tyson spent the full two weeks there."

She concluded her interview by praising the hospital staff, calling them “miracle workers.”

Tyson appeared on the show, via VT, and labelled his wife as “top”

He said: "She's a top wife, top mother, unbelievable person, partner and soul mate.”

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