Paris Fury keeps things real and shows fans the reality of having seven children - 'Turn the sound on!'

Fury family
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/Paris Fury)

The Fury family spent their weekend having fun in Blackpool, but mum of seven, Paris Fury, gave fans an insight into what their family life is really like.

On her social media, Paris started off the weekend with an adorable snap of her child, Prince Rico, in his cot.

The youngest of the brood was born in September 2024, and Paris described Prince Rico as ‘absolutely adorable, and wrote: “Instagram vs Reality…”

Seconds later, in the next Instagram story, Paris shared a cute video of Rico clapping his hands. She confirmed that six year old Valencia was the one recording, as she said to her baby brother: “Clap your hands Rico.”

Prince Rico
Paris highlighted what real-life was like in a family of nine -Credit:Instagram/Paris Fury

But things in the Fury household weren’t as smooth sailing as they seemed. Paris added a sticker to put the ‘sound on’ - so she could share what it’s really like having such a big family.

In the background of the clip, one of Paris’ children shout: “Dad I’m going downstairs.”

To this, Paris yelled back: “No, I’ll tell you once and once only, go in your bedroom and make your bed.”

The family then headed to Blackpool Pleasure Beach where they enjoyed a day in the sunshine, and Tyson showed off his basketball skills.

Tyson Fury
Paris took a video as Tyson attempted basketball -Credit:Instagram/Paris Fury
Tyson Fury
Tyson managed to win a prize for the kids -Credit:Instagram/Paris Fury

Paris filmed as Tyson, who was joined by his young kids, attempted to win a prize for his little ones.

After four failed attempts at shooting the hoop in the basket, Paris told her fans: “He did get it in, on his last shot.”

She added that Tyson had indeed won the kids a prize and said there was now a ‘giant pink elephant’ in their house.

Fury kids
The Fury family had a great time in Blackpool -Credit:Instagram/Paris Fury

The family, who have their own Netflix series, At Home with the Furys, live in £1.7 million Morecambe mansion.

Talking about the series that aired last year, Paris said: "I’m not really a shy person - and Tyson definitely isn’t - so people walking around behind me didn’t really affect my daily life. We just got on with it.”

Paris continues to give viewers glimpses into their family home on social media and has recently revealed a new portrait in the mansion.

In a quick glimpse, the painting showed some of the Fury clan in front of a Union Jack flag with confetti falling in celebration. With only five out of seven children in the portrait, it's unclear when the portrait was created but it's certainly a show-stopping feature in their open-planned dining and kitchen area.