Parents are loving this couple's fix for their children's wall scribblings

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A couple have shared their fix for their child’s wall ‘art’ [Photo: Twitter]
A couple have shared their fix for their child’s wall ‘art’ [Photo: Twitter]

The walls/the table/the wardrobe door/EVERYTHING. What is it about children and drawing on anything that isn’t paper?

A scribble here, a few misspelt words there, most parents are used to uncovering their little ones’ ‘artwork’ in the most unfortunate of places.

While many will just chalk it down to the messy business of parenting and reach for the scrubbing brush, one couple had a hilariously unique approach to dealing with children who draw on walls.

Eric Massicotte, a neurosurgeon based in Toronto, shared a picture of his son’s latest work – a house drawn with a green permanent marker on the wall of his house.

But rather than denounce it as a child’s scribble, Massicotte’s wife decided instead to frame it as though it were on display in an art gallery, complete with an explanatory plaque.

People are loving the couple’s witty response to their son’s wall art [Photo: Twitter]
People are loving the couple’s witty response to their son’s wall art [Photo: Twitter]

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour,” he wrote on Twitter alongside the image of the framed ‘artwork’.

In the comical description next to the frame, the parents wrote that it was drawn by “R.C. Massicotte (b. 2011)” with “marker on latex paint” and was named “Interrupted House.”

“Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th,” the caption adds.

And parents can’t get enough of the witty idea. Since sharing the tweet has clocked up 124K retweets, 307K favourites and almost a thousand comments from parents impressed with the couple’s reaction.

“I aspire to be this cool of a momma,” one parent wrote.

“Love this,” added another.

[Photos: Twitter]
[Photos: Twitter]

Other parents also took to Twitter to share their own experiences of children’s wall-spoiling art.

“Wish we’d framed this back in 2013. My better half painted over it for me, his heart was in the right place though,” one parent shared alongside an image of a child’s writing, which reads “My mum will always be my best friend.” Aww.

Another user posted an image of a scribble on a wall which says: “I am sore for riting this letr.”

“We have this lovely ghost on the wall, drawn about 8 years ago I faked I was angry,” another parent shared next to a picture of a child’s drawing of a ghost.

“I saw a whole series of “K”s going up the stairs one day. My daughter, who’s name starts with a K, drew with invisible ink that became evident with sunlight! She wondered how I knew it was her,” another parent commented.

Though it is sometimes difficult to keep your cool when your little one uses the wall instead of a chalkboard to express their creativity, maybe we should all try to take a leaf out of Dr Massicotte and his wife’s book.

Sure it’s not ideal when your freshly painted walls are given a makeover with a permanent marker but bet we’ll miss those scribbles when they’re gone.

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