Paramore pull plug on rest of US tour as Hayley Williams battles lung infection

Paramore end tour early due to Hayley Williams' health credit:Bang Showbiz
Paramore end tour early due to Hayley Williams' health credit:Bang Showbiz

Paramore have cancelled the remainder of their North America tour due to illness.

Frontwoman Hayley Williams has been trying to solider on with a lung infection, which forced the 'This Is Why' group to postpone four shows after the 34-year-old singer’s body "just gave out" after she initially tried to battle through.

However, after completing two of the rescheduled concerts in San Francisco on Monday (07.08.23) and Seattle last night (09.08.23), which "got a little scary", they have been forced to pull the plug on their shows at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland tonight (10.08.23)) and the Delta Center in Salt Lake City on Sunday (13.08.23).

In a statement on her Instagram Stories, Hayley said: “Hey everybody, we just got off stage in Seattle. After speaking with our team and my doc, I know that trying to finish this tour is now going to come at a detriment to my health.

“My lungs are just not healing quickly enough to keep up. It got a little scary tonight.”

She continued: “We will have the team post an official statement ASAP but we are going to have to cancel the last 2 shows of the tour so I can get better finally. I know some of you are camping in Portland already so I just wanted to get this out there.

“I’m so sorry for all the chaos this has caused some of you. I really tried to kick this shit. Love you all.”

The 34-year-old star recently hit back at the "internet bros" who criticised the singer for postponing shows.

One user went as far as to call the singer the C word and said if Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, 54, can break his leg onstage and continue to perform, Hayley should be able to carry on.

They tweeted: “b****es about how hard [touring] is at 34 ... Dave f****** Grohl, falls off stage, breaks his leg and returns to finish set in wheel chair at 50 odd years of age... she's a winey hypocrite **** (sic)"

Hayley reacted to the post and proceeded to reveal she had a lung infection that prevented her from being able to sing properly.

She responded: "I have a lung infection you soft s***! Not a broken limb. One you can sing with for 2 hours, another you cant.

“But worry not! The shows weren’t cancelled, merely postponed a week. (sic)"

She then suggested: “Maybe you should come out to one of them… like Dave did.”

Hayley went on to write another post calling out those who pit female artists against their male counterparts.

She moaned: "Internet bros have been pressed by my proximity to rock music and all its subgenres since 2005. The only thing that’s changed is the platform from which they spew their ignorance.

“Don’t think for a second your fav bands – metal or punk or otherwise – endorse your weird incel a** lifestyle.

She added: “So many of these bands have stood side stage at our shows and treat us with respect. Why? bc they aren’t threatened by a strong woman front[ing] a great band in a completely diff genre of music.

“Crying from laughing at myself I love when I have so so so much time. (sic)"