I Use This Panasonic Men’s Grooming Tool for (Almost) Everything


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My bathroom is full of grooming supplies. So is my closet. So is the stack of boxes next to my desk. As a men’s grooming writer and professional product reviewer, this is one of the job’s perks. But despite being able to test every men’s grooming product under the sun, I always come back to my Panasonic MultiShape—a single product that covers most of my grooming and hygiene needs. When I need to brush my teeth, shave, trim my beard (or nose or ear hair!), I reach for my MultiShape. I don’t groom my body hair, but if I wanted to, I know the MultiShape would do a fantastic job.

I reviewed this men’s multi-use grooming product when it was first released back in 2022, and since then, it’s become one of my go-to gifts for guys. Two years after its drop, it’s still the best men’s grooming tool in the game, full stop. The folks at GQ call it a “god-tier” grooming tool, and without getting all religious on you, it’s a truly transcendent product. Sure, other brands have released multi-purpose groomers since the MultiShape dropped, but none match its versatility or superior quality.

What is the Panasonic MultiShape?

The Panasonic MultiShape doesn’t just trim, clip, groom, shave, and brush my teeth—it does all of these tasks equally well. Most multi-purpose groomers do one of these tasks really well and do a mediocre job at a couple of the others.

Here’s how it works: the MultiShape has a central shaft and multiple heads that clip into place. Depending on the bundle you buy, a variety of attachments are available:

  • Electric foil shaver

  • Beard trimmer/hair clipper

  • Comb guards for hair, body, and beard

  • Electric toothbrush

  • Ear and nose hair trimmer

If you have a beard, then I definitely recommend taking the all-of-the-above approach, but you can also pick and choose based on your needs.

Panasonic MultiShape Review | Scouted, The Daily Beast

Is the Panasonic MultiShape Worth It?

I try not to be too pushy or enthusiastic in my reviews. It’s important to maintain objectivity. But to give this groomer anything less than a full-throated endorsement would be dishonest.

Let me count the ways I’ve come to love this multitool. As a fully wet-dry tool (you can use it in the shower if you desire). Not only is it easy to clean, but the battery life is impressive, and I only need to charge it every couple of weeks, if that. After almost two years of constant use, it’s still going strong, though with some wear and tear.

For guys with longer beards, most beard trimmers are a disappointment. (You had one job.) I’ve tested enough to know. For comparison, the flagship Philips-Norelco trimmer can only trim hair up to a measly .39 inches. The MultiShape has clipping attachments that go up to 1.2 inches, letting you trim long beards and hair with precision. (If you’re searching for the best beard trimmer for long beards, this is it.)

So, if the MultiShape is so great, why haven’t you heard of it before? The answer is a little inside baseball, so bear with me. For a variety of reasons, product reviewers usually write about products that are available at big retailers like Amazon, Sephora, or Best Buy. And for a while, you could only find this tool at the Panasonic MultiShape online store. However, now that it's available for Prime shoppers, it’s getting some fresh looks from the men’s grooming world.

Panasonic MultiShape Tool Review | Scouted, The Daily Beast

If you want the Panasonic MultiShape with all the works (which is what I recommend for bearded guys), you’ll need to buy the Ultimate All-In-One bundle directly from Panasonic. The price ranges from over $200 to $149 when it’s on sale, and it’s worth the investment at either price point. However, if you only want a few of the attachments, you can find lower-priced sets for sale at Amazon and Best Buy.

If you have a beard, I highly recommend buying a MultiShape set with the hair clipping attachments, but you can save some money by sticking to various combinations of the toothbrush, electric shaver, beard trimmer, and nose hair trimmer.

Check out the options available at Amazon or build your own bundle at Panasonic.

Buy on Panasonic, $null


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