Pakistan mosque bomber 'wore police uniform'

STORY: The suicide bomber that killed over a hundred people at a mosque in a police compound in Peshawar, Pakistan this week disguised himself by wearing a police uniform, and entered the high security area on a motorcycle.

He parked his bike, asked for directions to the mosque, and carried out the attack.

That's according to local authorities on Thursday (February 2). Almost all of those killed were members of the police force. The compound was built to house both police and their families.

This was the provincial police chief, Moazzam Jah Ansari:

"He (the suicide bomber) was creating a drama, dragging his bike on the side of the road, and being in police uniform. Yes, he was in police uniform. I admit this was a security lapse. My men could not stop it. I concede that it is my fault, not theirs."

Ansari says the attacker has been identified as a member of a militant network but did not reveal which one.

He has previously said that several suspects are in custody and that investigators had not ruled out that the bomber may have had what he called "internal assistance."

The Pakistani Taliban have recently increased attacks on police in the area but denied responsibility for this one.

Officials say they suspect a breakaway faction of the Taliban called the Jamat-ul-Ahrar was involved.