The Ozark finale got the same reaction from fans and they're not happy

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

If, like us, you are still coming to terms with Ozark coming to an end after five years on our screens this whole thing might be a touchy subject. However, you may also need desperately to talk to someone about *that* super dramatic final episode, and you likely as not, you're probably having the same reaction to it as basically the whole internet is. Spoilers below.

It might be hard to believe but Marty, Wendy, Ruth et al made their first appearance back in 2017, and despite the odd blip here and there, Ozark has been one of those series that is just loved across the board. So, when the final episode landed we were glued to our screens.


However, the things that unfolded in the episode were still somehow pretty shocking. In the finale moments Ruth was shot and killed by Camila Elizondro, the newly installed head of the Navarro cartel, after Camila discovered it was Ruth who killed her son Javi following Wyatt's death.

Unsurprisingly, fans weren't at all happy on how Ruth met her end, with lots of them flocking to Twitter to share their less-than-impressed opinion on the whole thing.

If you need any more persuading one fan even said it was "on par with the Game of Thrones ending", which really is saying something.

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