Oxford student union president suspended after being accused of ‘sharing porn video’

Danial Hussain
Danial Hussain has strenuously denied that he uploaded the content himself

The president of the Oxford University student union has been suspended after he was accused of “sharing pornographic material” with an individual.

Danial Hussain, 21, is understood to have created a Google Drive to store videos related to his work.

But when the drive was opened by a colleague at the student union, it was found to contain footage of a number of Mr Hussain’s friends watching pornography – with laughter heard in the background, The Oxford Student reported.

Mr Hussain has strenuously denied that he uploaded the content himself, and said that two other individuals have admitted to putting the video on to the drive without his knowledge.

In a lengthy statement given to The Oxford Student, Mr Hussain said he “fully endorsed” the suspension process and that it was “fundamental in upholding fairness and maintaining the integrity” of Student Union procedures.

He added: “At the start of this term I shared a Google Drive of videos for editing.

“I was horrified to subsequently learn that the material included a two-second pornographic video that was sandwiched alongside various videos for SU use.

“I have since discovered that the material was recorded by friends who intended it as a prank and I had no knowledge this material was on my phone.”

‘I would never consciously do it’

Mr Hussain said the individuals who recorded the pornographic material had signed a statement corroborating his version of events and that the notion of sharing pornography in any way was “abhorrent” to him.

He added: “I would never consciously do it. I have, in other words, been the innocent victim of a prank which has gone horribly wrong.”

Mr Hussain added: “I apologise to the two individuals who viewed this material. They did not deserve this.”

He also said he “looked forward to having the opportunity to explain” the circumstances in detail, but was confident that he would be cleared of “any wrongdoing”.

An Oxford University student union spokesman said: “Oxford SU is aware of the allegations that have been made in this article and have launched an investigation.

“As such it would not be appropriate to comment at this time.”

A university spokesman declined to comment.

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