If you owned an iPhone, you could be owed a £750 payout thanks to Google lawsuit

Rob Waugh
Former Which? director Richard Lloyd is suing the search giant (Picture Getty)

Google is being sued over claims it unlawfully tracked millions of iPhone users – and if the case wins, owners could get a payout of £750 each.

Former Which? director Richard Lloyd is suing the search giant over claims that it siphoned personal data from iPhone users.

The lawsuit claims that Google siphoned personal data from 4.4 million iPhone users seven years ago, and used it to divide customers into advertising categories, some based on physical and mental health or sexuality.

The company is now being sued by the collective ‘Google You Owe Us’, which hopes for a maximum payout of £3.2 billion, the Daily Mail reports.


Hugh Tomlinson QC said that data was gathered using ‘clandestine tracking and collation’ relating to internet use.

The tracking happened between June 1 2011 and February 15 2012, when Google allegedly bypassed privacy controls on the Safari browser, the court heard.

If the case is successful, iPhone owners would have to register and prove they owned a device to qualify for a payout.

Mr Lloyd said, ‘I believe that what Google did was quite simply against the law.

‘Their actions have affected millions in England and Wales and we’ll be asking the judge to ensure they are held to account in our courts.’