How to make your own Easter egg pots

Flower pot decoration- Easter egg pots
How to make your own Easter egg flower pot decorSimon Scarboro

Pretty up your Easter table decor with these stunning painted flower pot decorations.
If you're looking for a fun craft project to get stuck into this Spring, this is just the thing.

Not only do you get to create beautiful pastel-shaded decor for your home but you also get to add a bit of gardening into the mix too!

Our craft team gave these flower pots a new lease of life by painting them in pastel shades, and filling with flowers, fresh foliage and miniature eggs to celebrate Spring.

Follow our step-by-step guide tutorial to decorate your own flower pots in an afternoon.

You will need:

To decorate your Easter egg pots:

If you are using terracotta pots from your garden or ones that have already been used for plants, be sure to give them a thorough scrub with warm soapy water and allow them to fully dry before painting.

  1. Paint the terracotta pots – a pastel colour looks best with spring flowers. Give them a light coating that’s enough to conceal the dark orange colour, but that’s not completely opaque, to give a distressed vintage look.
    The easiest way to do this is by using a ‘dry brushing’ technique where you don’t load the brush up fully with paint - instead, you get a bit on the end of the bristles and lightly brush across the pot. You can build up the layers to give the coverage required.

  2. Once the paint is dry, place a drinking glass filled with water inside the pot. Position tall grasses and leaves around the outer edge of the pot. Then place flowers inside the grass until the heads fill the whole space. Ensure the flower stems have been cut to the right height, so the heads sit just above the pot’s edge.

  3. Make sure your pot is fully filled with flowers. If you crisscross the stems of the flowers when putting them in the water glass, they will hold the eggs more securely.

  4. Nestle a few eggs in the centre of the flowers and adjust the arrangement until you are happy with the positioning.

  5. Remember to keep the water in the glass topped up so that the cut flowers don’t wilt.

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