Owen Warner grills Mike Tindall about royal life

Owen Warner asked Mike Tindall when he realised Zara Phillips was royalty and whether he has to dress up for breakfast at Buckingham Palace.

Video transcript

Have you been to Buckingham Palace much?

- More than most.

- What's it like there?

- Well, a lot of it it's all the state rooms. And there's only a little bit of living.

- Oh, have you stayed there?

- Yeah.

- Mad. In the morning, could you go downstairs in, like, your joggers and your T-shirt, or did you have to get dressed up again?

- No. No, you get-- jeans and a tee.

- I would have thought you'd have to be suited and booted.


- I'm loving this.

- When did you-- do you mind chatting about it, or are you wanting not to?

- No, I don't mind.

- When you first started chatting to Zara, how late in did you know that she was royalty? Straight away?

- Yeah. Because I know she's Princess Anne's daughter. And Princess Anne is patron of Scottish rugby.

- Did you feel, like, a bit of pressure?

- Well, how do you mean?

- Well, if I was chatting to a girl, and then I found out she was royalty, I'd get, like, more nervous.

- No, because we were friends first. And then William and Harry were massive England fans at the time.

- Yeah.

- So we'd met them numerous times. So as things go, I met more of the family than you would normally have met of the family of the woman you started dating.