Over £100k raised for mum-of-two Julianna who lost both legs to sepsis

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Julianna in hospital with husband Tim and children Emilia and William. <i>(Image: Tim Bransden)</i>
Julianna in hospital with husband Tim and children Emilia and William. (Image: Tim Bransden)

OVER £100,000 has been raised for a primary school teacher from Pembrokeshire who went to bed with flu-like symptoms and ended up losing both of her legs to sepsis.

Mother-of-two Julianna Bransden was living a “happy healthy life” until a sudden illness left her fighting for her life, just days after celebrating Christmas with her family.

Julianna, 44, of Templeton, has taught at Llanmiloe CP School, Pendine for the past ten years and is wife to Tim and mum to Emilia, aged 14, and 11-year-old William.

Her family, who have been helping to raise money to support Julianna’s recovery, which they hope will include prosthetics, have been 'overwhelmed' by the support shown.

They say they are indebted to the medical teams enough for their "outstanding care", especially the ambulance crew and ICU team at Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest.

"The focus now is on getting Julianna home and supporting her long-term rehabilitation and recovery," the family posted in a update on their JustGiving crowd-funding site.

"As a double amputee and with limited use of her hands, life for both Julianna and her family has now taken a very different path.

"Julianna will walk again with the use of prosthetics, of that we have no doubt.

"She will also overcome the challenges with her hands, adapting to find new ways of achieving what she needs to do.

"She is a hugely capable, positive and determined individual, whose independent “bring it on” attitude will equip her well for the trials ahead.

"She has been an inspiration to so many over these past months, as she has resiliently overcome daily hurdles in her health; her smile says so much as she sends out video messages to update friends and family of her progress."

Western Telegraph:
Western Telegraph:

"Our goal is to help Julianna reach her maximum recovery potential," added the family statement.

"Her husband, Tim, has needed to already start some major work on their home himself, to ensure that it is both suitable for her to return to in the short term and adapted for her long-term needs.

"Julianna needs a space within which she can do more than simply manage, but in which she is able to thrive and enjoy time alongside her family in the future.

"There will be much equipment that Julianna will need to allow her to live independently, imminently including prosthetics.

"The aim of this fundraiser is to support her in this journey and help enable her to push forwards in her recovery.

"We have been overwhelmed and truly humbled by the kind words of support and donations."