Outlast viewers are fuming about Jill and Amber scene

outlast viewers are fuming about jill and amber scene
Outlast fans react to Jill & Amber sabotage Netflix

Forget Love Is Blind or Too Hot To Handle, because there's a new reality TV show on Netflix that people can't stop talking about. Step forward: Outlast, the survival show where contestants Jill and Amber are sparking a LOT of conversation on social media.

The eight-episode series follows 16 survivalist who parachute into the Alaskan wilderness to try and survive against cold, hunger and bears (yes, really!) in the hopes of winning a cash prize of up to $1 million.

While they all present themselves as 'lone wolves', the experiment tasks them with working as a team to share survival skills and attempt to outlast their competition, to be in with a chance of winning.

outlast viewers are fuming about jill and amber scene

*Spoilers* Only, er, viewers were shocked by quite how far the contestants were willing to go to sabotage the other contestants, with one scene seeing Jill Ashock and Amber Asay destroy fellow contestant Javier Colón's shelter and raft.

Fans on social media could not believe the scene, taking to Twitter to share their shock. "Amber and Jill on #Netflix #Outlast were absolute garbage," one person wrote. "Their ruthlessness had no bounds, and they truly disrespected themselves and the spirit of competition."

Someone else put, "Jill and Amber should not have been allowed to remain on the show. There should have been more actual challenges and resource drops for the teams to reward the folks with actual skills, rather than rewarding selfish dirty play."

Others were more supportive though, with one viewer writing, "I think I’m the only person on this app that wanted Jill and Amber to win #outlast … maybe that makes me a bad person but WHATEVER. They were the sole force behind like half the quitters so hate all you want but they played the game. #Outlastnetflix"

Following the backlash, executive producer Grant Kahler told Newsweek the team felt the need to let the sabotage play out, as it technically wasn't against the rules. "It was an intense moment, for sure and, you know, that was one of those moments where we kind of let it play out," he said.

"We didn't know how it was going to end because, again, there [was] no rule that was stating that Jill and Amber couldn't do what they were doing, but at the same time, if it ever got to a point where we thought it was gonna hurt someone, like, we would have had to shut it down."

Outlast is now streaming on Netflix.

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