Otter Pup Befriends Gibbon At Chicago's Brookfield Zoo

This amazing footage shows a curious 10-month-old otter pup befriending Neubo, an eight-year-old white-cheeked gibbon at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Brookfield Zoo's nearly 10-month-old Asian small-clawed otter pups were given access to a shared, watery habitat along with the white-cheeked gibbons. One of the pups seemed very inquisitive about their new “neighbours” and went over to investigate and happily Neubo was also unbothered by his new playmate - who got up very close and personal, even leaning in for what looked like a kiss or a nuzzle. In the past, animal care staff have observed similar interactions with introductions between the two species but are not sure if the pair's bond will continue in the long term. Guests can see the gibbons and otters in Brookfield Zoo's Tropic Word: Asia habitat.