Oscars 2013: The Best Accessories On The Red Carpet From Jennifer Aniston's Bling To Anne Hathaway's Tiffany Tribute

You may have noticed that last night was the Oscar Awards 2013. In the last 24 hours, Grazia Daily has beavered away to bring you the best AND worst dressed, the hottest trends from the red carpet, the low down on award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence's adorable fall and even instagram pics from the attendees, the stylists, photographers and presenters involved in producing the biggest night in the Hollywood calendar. So what's left for us to examine? The accessories, of course! Yes, now is the time to zoom in on our favourite stars and identify the winning details of their show-stopping outfits. Who was wearing million dollar jewels? What was the accessory choice of the night? And who brought a doggy bag? Click through our gallery above to find out...

See the best dressed stars at the Oscars >>

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