The Osbournes mark their anniversary with amazing flashback wedding photo

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

For all the talk about how Hollywood romances don’t last, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are the exception.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne pictured on Sept. 28. (Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

The Talk co-host and the rocker turned reality star celebrated 36 years of marriage — not all of them easy — on Wednesday, thank you very much.

Mrs. O marked the occasion by sharing a photo of her groom placing a ring on her finger during their wedding ceremony on July 4, 1982. Both had feathered hair — didn’t everyone back then? — in a much lighter shade. They were wearing traditional, white wedding clothes and sweet expressions as they swapped vows in Maui.

Kelly Osbourne, one of the couple’s three adult children, posted a second image of the couple’s big day that offered an even better look. She thanked her parents for showing her “what true love is.”

The Osbournes did almost call it quits, though, in May 2016, after Ozzy was caught in an four-year affair with one of his hairstylists. Sharon discovered he was actually carrying on multiple affairs, and Ozzy moved out of their home and entered treatment for sex addiction.

The “Crazy Train” singer expressed regret, and the two decided to try again two months later.

“There’s no other woman I really want to spend the rest of my life with,” Ozzy told Rolling Stone in September. “You make a mistake and you learn by it. She’s made a few mistakes, and so have I. You know when you hear these people go, ‘Oh, we’ve been married 35 years and we’ve never had a row.’ I go, ‘You must have been living in a different f****ing country.’ Sometimes I’ve looked at my wife and I’ve just been angry as f***, and vice versa. Other times, I go, ‘F***, I love you.'”

Sharon, who was open about her relationship on The Talk, said in May 2017 that she and Ozzy were back in a good place. They even renewed their wedding vows that month in Las Vegas.

“It was hard to rebuild the trust, but I can’t imagine my life without Ozzy,” she told Hello! magazine. “The [vow renewal] ceremony was just beautiful. We’ve fallen in love all over again.”

For his anniversary post, Ozzy shared a photo of the two sharing a kiss in more modern times.

And they do look like they’re in love.

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