Orphaned Bear Cub Rescued And Nursed Back To Health At Oakland Zoo

Orphaned Bear Cub Rescued And Nursed Back To Health At Oakland Zoo. An orphaned black bear cub, estimated to be eight months old and weighing 28 pounds, was brought to Oakland Zoo in early November 2022. The cub was very sick and suffering from multiple health issues, including a severe skin infection that has caused extreme hair loss, pneumonia, a viral infection, internal parasites, and a deeply infected bone in his left front foot, causing lameness in walking. The cub was given the name 'Nixon' by the concerned citizens who reported him wandering into a retail shop called Nixon in South Lake Tahoe. Nixon has been receiving treatment at the Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital since his arrival, and underwent an extensive medical examination by the Zoo’s veterinary team. Bloodwork was sent to several labs, x-rays, an ultrasound, dermatology assessment, dental exam, and more were also completed during the hours-long medical procedure. “Although this cub has serious medical issues, the Oakland Zoo team is highly capable and graciously agreed to further evaluate this cub and provide the best care possible,” said CDFW Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Brandon Munk. When he recovers, he will not be releasable back into the wild due to being orphaned at such a young age and being unable to learn how to survive in the wild from his mother.