Ornamentinis Are The Pinterest And Instagram Trend We're All Over This Christmas

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Ornamentinis Are The Pinterest And Instagram Trend We're All Over This Christmas

This year, it sure does feel like people are getting stuck into Christmas earlier than ever before. And who can blame them? After last year’s mess of a festive period, we’re keen to start celebrating Christmas as soon as possible. In fact, tbh, as soon as Halloween was out the way, we went up into the attic to get the Christmas decorations, and started listening to Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande…

Anyway – point is, it’s officially time to start eating festive food and guzzling Christmas drinks – especially Christmas cocktails.

And yeah, sure, you could just drink regular cocktails that have been given a bit of a festive twist, but wouldn’t you rather jump on the ornamentini trend that’s taking over social media right now?

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram lately, you’ll have spotted these fancy-pants cocktails doing the rounds that are so extra, it’s wild.

The idea is that you take your favourite cocktail (some work better than others, but you’ll figure that out with plenty of practice *hiccup*), and after mixing it in your trusty cocktail shaker, you pour the contents into a glass Christmas bauble. The cocktail-filled bauble is then placed in a cocktail glass, that’s been decorated with festive garnishes. Then party guests are invited to pour the cocktail into the glass for a flashy beverage.

Or, another way of serving an ornamentini, is to simply put a straw directly into the bauble and away you go!

If this doesn’t get your Christmas party guests talking, we just don’t know what will.

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