Orioles season gets even worse as players spend 30 minutes stuck in an elevator

Mark Townsend
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Baseball can be an unforgiving game sometimes. What happened to the Baltimore Orioles Friday night was just life rubbing salt in their wounds.

While Manny Machado was off enjoying victory and near perfection in his Los Angeles Dodgers debut, several Orioles players were being rescued from a freight elevator after their game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Yes, this is real life.

The group included outfielder Adam Jones, who documented the incident on his Instagram story. Here’s a portion of that featuring Chris Davis attempting to rip the door open with no success.

According to Jones, the group was stuck on the elevator for 30 minutes until a crew arrived to rescue them.


We knew life without Manny Machado wasn’t going to be easy for Baltimore on the field. This team was already 41 games under .500 before trading him, so we expected the losses to continue mounting. Friday’s defeat was already their 70th of the season. It’s not out of the question that the Orioles will lose 110 or 115 games as they continue trading veterans for prospects.

That aside, we didn’t expect the degree of difficulty to increase this dramatically off the field too.

Losing your best player is tough enough. Losing your 70th game right out of the All-Star break is also not fun. Compounding all of that by being stuck in a hot freight elevator for 30 minutes on a Friday night, well, that might be the worst start to a weekend ever.

Adam Jones (right) and several of his Orioles teammates had a night they’ll never forget after being in an elevator for 30 minutes following a loss to in Toronto. (AP)

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