This £12.40 lash and brow serum has gone viral - and the results are incredible

Lash serums don’t come cheap: they can retail from around £30 to well into the hundreds. But if you don't fancy spending more on a tiny tube of lash-growth serum than you do your trainers, we have good news: The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum is here to make a Bambi flutter so much more affordable. As the brand's newest addition to their arsenal of skin-loving potions, the formula claims to promote hair growth and deliver the long, thick lashes of your dreams– all for just £12.40.

Sparking a frenzy for those coveting after long and full looking lashes, the serum has gone viral on TikTok - with many sharing their incredible before and after transformations. We could spend hours scrolling through our feed of endless videos, infatuated by the draw-dropping lengths that are growing from this serum. However, this video in particular really shines on how this products stands out from the rest. With over 10 million views, it's clear The Ordinary truly knows how it's done.

The latest launch from the brand has been in the works for a while, and follows the roaring success of the hair line which went down a treat here at Women’s Health. Personally, I was a huge fan of the shampoo and conditioner, which gave me a bouncy blow-out reminiscent of ‘90s icons à la Cindy Crawford. One particular product, the Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density, has received viral acclaim, including the thumbs-up from our beauty writer Florie Mwanza, who tried it out on her traction alopecia. Now, the great minds at The Ordinary are here to tackle the tricky situation of our brows and lashes.

Using the same technology as the haircare, the formula is enriched with acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and biotinoyl tripeptide-1. Those science-y ingredients may sound a bit technical but essentially they help prevent breakage by locking in moisture and thickening your individual strands. Peptides are a common presence in all of the more expensive brand’s serums, including some cult favourites, so you can trust that they really are a powerhouse growth ingredient.

'But if it’s so good, then why is it so cheap?' we hear you ask. Well, this is all to do with how The Ordinary is set up as a brand. It relies on well-documented active ingredients for its products, so they don’t have to fork out for loads of expensive research which can really hike up the prices on the consumer end. And better yet, they don’t need to spend loads of money marketing to you that the ingredients work – because you already know they do.

The scientific jargon is all very convincing, especially alongside the brand’s stellar reputation, but the proof is in the pudding. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the product ahead of its launch and I’m here to confirm that the serum lives up to The Ordinary’s good name.

The serum comes in a simple white tube, sticking to the brand’s minimalist look, and has a slim paintbrush applicator to apply along the lash line and in the brows. Clear and watery in texture, the formula slicks onto the lashes with ease.

I applied the serum at night after I had taken off my mascara and made sure to thinly coat all of my lashes, focussing on the tail of my brows where I have sparse hair. In my quest for fluttery lashes, I have tried many lash serums (some from very pricy brands) and was disappointed to achieve results that were somewhat lacking (especially for something that cost me a sizeable chunk of my paycheck).

Top tip: To avoid irritation, don’t apply the serum on your lower lashes as your hair there is not dense enough to keep it out of your eyes.

I originally applied the lash serum as part of my bedtime routine, but the formula is so quick-drying that it can be applied while putting on your morning foundation and will have set by the time you make it to your mascara. Applying two times a day really gave the serum the best shot to work and, ultimately, for you to see some stark changes in lash length and density.

It is usually advised to wait until around week six to see any obvious differences but, by week three, I'm happy to report that my lashes certainly feel a lot healthier. I’m a fan of waterproof mascara so often have to resort to some pretty vigorous rubbing to get rid of stubborn eye makeup. Since using the serum, I'm definitely noticing less shedding which means less wishes for me but stronger lashes (probably one of my wishes anyway).

In all honesty, on my brows I've not really noticed much difference, but perhaps it needs a little more time to work. All in all, I’ve got some way to go before my eyelashes touch my eyebrows but I'm really happy with the progress and, for just £12.40, you definitely get more lash for your buck.

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