You Can Order Boxes Of Alcoholic Ice Pops If You're In The Market For Some Serious Nostalgia

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Wavey Ice

From Delish

Remember those ice pops you used to buy from the corner shop around the corner from your school? The ones that could give you a Glasgow smile/Chelsea grin (depending where you’re from) if you didn’t approach them with caution. Totally worth it though.

Well, up until now, we didn’t think those nostalgic newsagent staples could get any better. Then we found out that one company has started adding booze to them.

Bravo, Wavey Ice. Bravo.

Wavey Ice is the brainchild of Alex Situnayake, who started off selling the alcoholic ice pops in local parks during the summer. But once its reputation grew in London, Wavey Ice began being sold at some major events, such as Sunfall Festival and Notting Hill Carnival.

And now, seeing as going to festivals is a no-go, Wavey Ice has just launched its first UK-wide delivery service, selling the following flavours: Watermelon & Vodka, Black Grape & White Rum, and Sour Apple & Gin.

A mixed flavour box of 15 is available for £30, including delivery. Or if you’re particularly partial to a specific flavour, a single flavour box will set you back the same price. Each ice pole has an ABV of 6.25%.

And as well as getting your hands on some boozy treats, if you make an order, you’ll also be helping the NHS. During this time, Wavey Ice is donating £1 from every order to NHS London to help battle Covid-19 in the capital, and the company has already raised over £1,200 since April.

Order Wavey Ice Poles now!

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