Orange Maltesers Buttons Are Coming Soon, So Get Ready For a Taste Sensation

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

It felt like 2020 was very much sponsored by orange flavoured chocolate, and 2021 is serving up the same vibes, and that’s fine by us.

In fact, just yesterday we broke the news about Maltesers ice creams now coming in orange flavour. Well, that’s not the only zesty Maltesers offering coming at you: according to reports, Orange Maltesers Buttons are on the snack horizon.

According to a couple of our pals over on Instagram, Maltesers Buttons that taste like Terry’s Chocolate Orange are coming, so you better be ready for a taste sensation.

Both @johnssnackreviews and @kevssnackreviews have shared photos of the Orange Maltesers Buttons. John says that, word on the street is, these will be available to buy in the next few weeks.

No official word from Maltesers, but as soon as we hear anything official, you guys will be the first to know.

So back to those Orange Maltesers Ice Cream Sticks for a minute, yeah?

These bad boys were first spotted by @frukgram on Instagram.

It looks like the new flavour will feature an orange-flavoured ice cream, combined with crisp honeycomb pieces. Then the whole lot will be coated in orange chocolate.

I mean, you just can’t argue with that, can you?

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