Oprah Winfrey celebrates ‘new knees’ on 10-mile ‘gratitude hike’ one year after surgery

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Oprah Winfrey embarked on a 10-mile expedition with friends to welcome 2023, which she has dubbed a “gratitude hike”.

Joined by CBS’s anchor Gayle King, Winfrey shared a series of Instagram videos on Sunday (1 January), chronicling the walk.

Winfrey, 68, is seen wearing a baby pink tracksuit and hiking gear, as she celebrates being mobile again after knee surgery in 2021.

“A year ago, I had knee surgery, November of last year,” she explained to the camera, while standing on hilly terrain.

“I couldn’t walk, period, so I am an ad for new knees.”

“During this ‘gratitude’ hike I am also grateful for my new knees that carried me through this journey,” she wrote in the caption. “A year ago I couldn’t walk and I finished 2022 walking 10.2 miles up a mountain. God is good.”

When she reached the top of the terrain, Winfrey told her followers: “It’s just incredible – and I cannot describe how peaceful and still it is. It’s really quiet. It’s still and quiet.”

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“With every breath that I’m able, I’m going to sing the goodness of God,” she sings, celebrating reaching the finish line. “This is a grateful hike.”

Winfrey then recorded a well-deserved picnic, armed with a loaf of sourdough bread.

“This is confirmation, I love bread,” exclaims Winfrey in the video, referring to the viral memes that use Winfrey’s “I love bread” catchphrase.

In a follow-up post, Winfrey made light of the fact that King made it up the hill in seven hours on their “five-hour hike”.

“Here you go – she says her toes hurt today,” Winfrey said of her friend.

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Winfrey has previously opened about how “ridiculous” she thinks it is to stop the ageing process.

Appearing on the second episode of The Check Up with Dr David Agus in December, the talk show host opened up about menopause with her long-time friend Maria Shriver.

Winfrey described the benefits of ageing and menopause, detailing that it is a natural thing that women experience.

“We’re surrounded by these beautiful trees here that literally get better with age. I think we all get better with age,” she said. “The culture is set up to tell us, in our particular society, that it’s the wrong thing.

“That you should be fighting it and resisting it with everything that you have, which is kind of ridiculous because in the end, ageing is gonna win.”