Oppenheimer: streaming and DVD release date, where to watch film online - when will it be streaming in UK?

Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer (Photo: Universal Pictures)
Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer (Photo: Universal Pictures)

An old-school director to a fault - as demonstrated by his impressively stubborn reliance to not use CGI in recreating the climactic Trinity test nuclear explosion - Christopher Nolan is staunchly pro-cinema.

Shot in IMAX, there's no doubt that seeing Oppenheimer on the big screen of your local multiplex, with all the surround-sound bells and whistles, is the best way to experience the film, and that's exactly what Nolan intended.

As such, the director is probably not in a hurry to have his latest project move to streaming services, where people will be able to watch it on any screen they please (God forbid somebody watches the three-hour epic on their phone!).

(Photo: Universal Pictures)
(Photo: Universal Pictures)

So just when can we expect Oppenheimer to be made available on streaming services in the UK? Here is everything you need to know about it.

When is Oppenheimer coming to streaming?

In fact, Nolan made a deal with Universal to ensure that his film would have an exclusive theatrical window of at least 100 days before its digital distribution - that's more than three months.

That 100 day period takes us up to the final week of October, which is the earliest we're likely to see a digital release. However, Digital Spy notes that the deal was made in 2021, and that Nolan could "change his mind", meaning "we might not need to wait the entire 100 days".

On the flipside, Oppenheimer may decide to delay its arrival on streaming even longer, given the film's strong box office performance and the fact that special 70mm IMAX screenings continue to sell out well into August.

As it stands, a date has not yet been given for when we might see the film on streaming services, either in the US or the UK. It looks like dreams of a digital Barbenheimer might just be fading more by the day...

Which streaming services will Oppenheimer come to?

Since Oppenheimer is a Universal production, when it does eventually make the move to streaming it will probably be available on Peacock, the studio's own streaming platform.

In the UK, Peacock is currently only accessible to Sky and NOW subscribers, which would suggest NOW would likely be Oppenheimer's first port of call if and when it does come to streaming.

It's also worth noting that Universal and Amazon Prime Video have an arrangement that sends the majority of Peacock films there a few months later, though that doesn't make it a certainty that Oppenheimer will take that specific route.

Once the film is available to rent and buy digitally, it will no doubt be made available from all the usual online storefronts - like Amazon, Apple and Google Play etc.

When is Oppenheimer coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

If physical media is more your thing and you'd prefer to own a more tangible version of the movie, it's possible you may just be able to do so earlier than those awaiting Oppenheimer on streaming.

Again, there's no confirmed release date at the time of writing, but a number of sites have made educated guesses based on the release patterns of other Universal Pictures blockbusters.

For instance, Amazon Adviser theorises that the film might follow a similar release schedule to M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin, which took three months to arrive on discs - that gives an estimated DVD release date of "around Tuesday, Oct. 17 or Tuesday, Oct. 24."

On the other hand, Tech Advisor says that if the film sticks more closely to The The Super Mario Bros. Movie's strategy - which arrived on DVD and Blu-ray a month after its digital release in the US, and two months after its digital release in the UK - we should expect Oppenheimer around December 2023/January 2024.