Open Up Your Poor Hips With This Three-Move Mobility Flow

Sharkira had it right: the hips, they do not lie. From basic movements like running and cycling, through to almost every exercise that calls into action your lower body, hips that can be strong at a fuller range will always boost your performance.

More than that, though, is how better hip mobility will positively impact almost everything you do in the rest of your life. Better posture, less soreness, the ability to sit down on the floor to play with your kids without a visit to the physio after - opening things up can only be A Good Thing.

But yoga and pilates is expensive and a bit boring, while protracted warmups are the first thing to be skipped when time is tight. The answer, according to MH Elite coach Faisal Abdalla, is to work on your hips every day for a few minutes. Watch his simple, three-move mobility sequence, then find 120 or so on the daily to follow his lead.

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