Onza Distribution Snaps Up Sports Docs From Wakai and Prime Video Spain (EXCLUSIVE)

In the run-up to MipTV and MipDoc in April, Spain’s Onza Distribution has pounced on a troika of sports documentaries produced by Wakai and Prime Video Spain: “Marc Márquez: All In,” “Simeone: Living Match by Match” as well as the announced “FC Barcelona: A New Era.”

“We’re very glad to be distributing Wakai’s sports titles, considering how close these productions are to these talented athletes,” said Béatrice Nouh, Head of Sales at Onza Distribution.

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“Wakai demonstrates how committed they are with quality in their productions. And that allows us to work with prestigious titles within the international market every time,” she added.

“FC Barcelona: A New Era,” spanning two seasons, embarks on a “New Era,” battling through turmoil to reclaim its former glory. Under Xavi’s leadership, bolstered by top signings and young talent, the team aims for victory. Fans rekindle excitement with successful seasons in ‘21-‘22 and ‘22-‘23.

In “Marc Márquez: All In,” we witness a pivotal juncture in the MotoGP star’s career. The documentary delves into his relentless pursuit of victory, capturing the fear, risk, and excitement of his journey back to the championship podium.

FC Barcelona: A New Era
FC Barcelona: A New Era

“Simeone: Living Match by Match” highlights Diego Pablo Simeone’s illustrious career as both player and coach of Atlético de Madrid. Renowned worldwide for his distinctive soccer philosophy, “Cholismo” transcends tactics, embodying a way of life.

These three Wakai titles will be made available in the MipDoc videolibrary alongside other Onza non-fiction titles led by “Young Addictions,” “Wild Tales of Madrid,” “Real Madrid: The White Legend” and “Francis! The Pope of Surprises.”

Onza’s new fiction titles include the highly anticipated thriller series “Heartless,” produced by Onza, the Czech period drama “Golden Swan” and the new seasons of Italian series “Flowers Over the Inferno” and TVI’s young adult thriller “Sweet Strawberries.”

“Heartless” (“Perverso”) is another Spanish-language Onza title with show creator Alonso Laporta (“The Ministry of Time”) and Gustavo Ron as showrunners. The 8-episode dramatic series centers on the aristocrat Haro who is serving a sentence for rape and murder. As he becomes the target of death threats from a kidnapper who preys on the business elite, Haro negotiates for jail privileges in exchange for aiding the investigation. However, his true motive is to exact revenge on the judge responsible for his incarceration. Produced by, it will be streaming worldwide on Prime Video starting this year.

First presented at the recent Series Mania, the Czech Republic hit series “Golden Swan” (“Zlatá labut”) travels back to 1939, amidst Nazi rule in Bohemia and Moravia. Bára Veselá, a young thief, flees the police and finds refuge in Prague’s Golden Swan luxury store. Through a chain of mishaps, she inadvertently becomes a saleswoman in the fashion department.

FC Barcelona: A New Era
FC Barcelona: A New Era

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