OnlyFans partners with Spring to add shopping features

Merch is coming to OnlyFans. In a partnership with Spring -- the merch company formerly known as TeeSpring that just got acquired by Amaze -- OnlyFans creators can sell physical products to their supporters directly on their platform pages.

The feature works via an integration. If you go to a creator's page who has a store enabled, you can see what products are available and be directed to their Spring page to make a purchase.

OnlyFans Spring shopping integration
OnlyFans Spring shopping integration

Image Credits: Paige VanZant on OnlyFans

"As a creator-first organisation, there are over 3 million creators on OnlyFans, meaning over 3 million small businesses now have access to a new monetisation tool," said Ami Gan, CEO of OnlyFans, in a press release.

OnlyFans isn't taking a cut from the transaction, but the feature incentivizes creators to integrate their businesses more deeply within the platform. Last year, the company generated $433 million in profit and is on track to earn $2.5 billion in revenue this year -- so OnlyFans isn't exactly hurting for cash.

Creators who use this new integration will see the same rates as any other Spring shop. The income a creator makes per item sold varies depending on the cost of production -- for example, if it costs $31.95 to print a hoodie, if a creator sells it for $50, they will make $18.05 from the sale.

Creators can choose their own price points for their merch, and they can also select what kinds of items they want to sell from over 120 products, including shirts, mugs, pillows, iPhone cases and puzzles (in our opinion, the idea of an adult creator selling a risqué puzzle is extremely funny and someone should definitely do that).