OnlyFans now has more than 3 million content creators and is a 'global business', says the CEO

Photo of OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan on stage at Web Summit Rio wearing a gray co-ord blazer and skirt and red top whilst wearing a mic
CEO Ami Gan laid out OnlyFans' ambitions at Web Summit last week.Getty Images
  • More than 3 million content creators are now signed up to subscription-based platform OnlyFans.

  • CEO Ami Gan said it's identified Latin America and Australia as future growth markets.

  • Gan said there'd been a "huge uptick" in creators joining last year, with the total up almost 40%.

The number of creators signed up to OnlyFans surged by about 40% last year, bringing the total to more than 3 million for the subscription platform that mostly features adult content.

"We've noticed a huge uptick in creators as well as fans joining the platform and we attribute that to OnlyFans is very much a global business, we're in over 100 countries,"  CEO Ami Gan told the Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro last week.

The company is now setting its sights on Latin America and Australia to further increase its numbers.

"We're looking at growth for the business and Latin America is a huge part of that," Gan said. "We're seeing Latin America is a massive growth region for us and see that opportunity for creators to get exposure to a global audience."

Gan said OnlyFans, which had revenues of close to $1 billion in 2021, has also identified Australia and some parts of Europe as growth regions too.

The owner of OnlyFans, Leo Radvinsky, has made more than $500 million from the platform since 2020. He took control of its parent company, Fenix International, in 2018 for an undisclosed amount two years after it was founded by British entrepreneur Tim Stokely.

Gan, who joined the company in 2020, had been chief marketing officer before she was tapped as CEO in late 2021 when Stokely sold his stake and stepped down. 

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