These Are the Movies You Can Watch on Netflix With the Hottest Actors - You're Welcome

Tara Block

If you're in the mood to watch a movie that stars a sexy guy, we get it. Thankfully, Netflix gets it, too. The streaming service's current 2021 lineup is the gift that keeps on giving, blessing us with some of the hottest eye candy that we've yet to see. We did the dirty work and rounded up a bunch of movies that feature the most smoldering men around for a shameless movie night in. Some of these characters are being romantic, some are showing off their guns (and abs) in action movies, and some are pure evil (in a really hot way), but what they all have in common is, well, we want to jump their bones. We can't vouch for the quality of all these movies, but we can say that the actors starring in them are nothing short of sexy.

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- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Haley Lyndes


In the Mood For a Steamy Show? Here Are the Sexiest Options Netflix Has to Offer