If There's One Time to Judge a Book by Its Cover, It's With Usual's Refreshing Wines

Whether you love to wind down after a long day with a nice full-bodied glass of red or live for those rosé and gossip sessions with friends, drinking a good quality wine is always a vibe. Wine is more than just a drink; it adds to an experience, setting a certain mood. Wine brings that extra-ness we love when we want to embrace our inner main character and start romanticizing our life. If you're in the market for a wine that brings that elevated feel to your day, you need to try Usual Wines . Yes, the packaging sold me too.

If there's one time to judge a book by its cover, it's now. Usual's sleek and modern bottles are perfect one serving size that's equivalent to one full glass of wine. From the packaging to the branding, Usual's wine looked so fabulous. It was honestly too pretty to open. These bottles are too cute and can honestly double as decor - I even reused a few to propagate some plants. Once I was able to move on from the ultra-chic packaging, I realized how convenient and practical these personal-sized bottles are. With Usual's smaller-sized bottles, you don't have to worry about finishing a traditionally sized bottle or figuring out how to save the remaining pour. You don't need to worry about washing extra dishes since the stunning silhouette of the bottles is ready to serve and drink and doubles as wine glasses.

Not only does Usual look classy and bougie, but also, tastes light, refreshing, yet packed with distinct flavors. Usual sources and manufactures their wine in California with no additives and no added sugars. The wines aren't overly sweet but have fruity notes. If you have a sweeter palette for wines, these are a great option to try out. The wines are smooth and light with a refined, good quality taste, just like a traditional cork-sealed bottled wine. Whether you are a newbie to the vino game or a true wine connoisseur, you will truly enjoy these. Keep reading to see my thoughts on my favorite flavors.

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