These Straws Are Going to Change the Environment - and Your Life!

Single-use plastics contribute to 40 percent of ocean pollution, according to Greenpeace. What is a single-use plastic, you may ask? It's quite simply anything you use once and throw away. Think plastic cups, utensils, and straws. Many cities, including Miami Beach and Seattle, have banned single-use plastics for their negative effects on the environment. So while you may love drinking out of a straw, this information may cause you to rethink.

Here's the thing, though. So many restaurants and coffee shops have done away with plastic straws, which is awesome, but paper straws are not the solution. They get flimsy and disintegrate in the drink, which is no fun. That's why we love reusable straws. Investing in a few doesn't cost much, and they'll save you more than a few headaches. Just pop a few in your bag, and you're good to go. Some coffee shops will even give you a discount if you bring in your own straw! This is an amazing way to save the environment and still enjoy your summer sangria. We're never going back to plastic, or paper, straws.

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