The One Show's Alex Jones makes hilarious blunder over Doctor Strange star's name

alex jones
One Show presenter makes hilarious blunderGORC - Getty Images

The One Show played host to a memorable moment yesterday (February 23), courtesy of co-host Alex Jones.

Alongside colleague Ronan Keating, Alex was catching up with Ant McPartlin, Declan Donnelly and the whole of JLS when a mishap occurred.

"Now we had a big conversation about officiating in the meeting today – officiating at weddings, yes, so lots of people do it," said Alex, referring to band member JB Gill's role at Aston Merrygold's wedding ceremony last year.

"Adele did it, didn't she, at Alan Carr's wedding," she pointed out, before suffering a momentary stumble that had the whole studio – Alex included – erupting into laughter.

"Cumber... batch... Benedict? Sorry, Benedict, if you're watching!"

In case you didn't know, Doctor Strange star Cumberbatch officiated at his friend Judge Robert Rinder's wedding to former husband Seth Cumming back in 2013.

JB, who joins his JLS pals on a massive reunion tour this year, went on to say of his officiating experience: "I was obviously honoured to be asked to do it and yeah, it was just such a surreal moment, you know.

"Obviously I was very, very pleased to be involved in the wedding and to see Aston get married to Sarah [Richards]. It was a very special moment."

Meanwhile, could Cumberbatch could be tempted to revisit Sherlock Holmes after Steven Moffat's recent comments about reviving the BBC series Sherlock?

Moffat recently said that he'd "start writing" a fifth season of the show "tomorrow" if his stars Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were able to make room in their schedules.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is streaming on Disney+.

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