The One Show's Alex Jones makes shocking confession about husband Charlie Thomson

Alex Jones tends to lead a private life, but earlier this week, she stunned her One Show co-host Jermaine Jenas and Dara Ó Briain with quite the intimate revelation.

Speaking about the comedian's new podcast, which involves a panel of guests discussing what their irritants are, Alex couldn't help but reveal how her husband Charlie Thomson annoys her.

Alex Jones and her husband taking a selfie
Alex Jones and her husband taking a selfie

When asked about her own irritations, the presenter said: "So many, I hate time wasting. It's not me, though I've got a list and he'll be watching. My husband does a lot of stuff. Mainly, Charlie, watching rugby videos in the loo or fishing videos."

The confession surprised Jermaine while Dara enquired: "Are you saying that toilet time can't also be used as your content [time]?" To which, Alex explained: "But it extends toilet time."

"It does extend toilet time, I'll accept that, it does," remarked Dara. "You think an efficient toilet time is a good toilet time." She then added: "Come on, three minutes, in [and] out!"

The happy couple met in 2011 at a party, before eventually tying the knot on 31 December 2015. See all the photos of Alex's fairytale-worthy wedding dress. They have since welcomed three children, Teddy, six, Kit, four and daughter Annie, who turns two in August.

Earlier this year, Alex opened up about her husband's mental health difficulties in a candid and emotional interview for Elizabeth Day's podcast, How to Fail. 

Alex jones blue velvet suit
Alex jones blue velvet suit

Touching on his battle with Lyme Disease and viral meningitis, Alex explained: "It's my husband's own story to tell, so I won't go into detail, but he suffers with his mental health and we've just been through a really bad period where he had Lyme Disease and then he had viral meningitis."

She added: "Lots of things happened recently. Charlie's super fun, but he became a shadow of himself. He was so ill, he really went downhill fast mentally. And again I found myself at a loss thinking, 'Oh my God, I don't know what to do here.' We all talk a good game, but do we actually know how to help people?"

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