One-Off £6m ‘Lady Bug’ Bugatti Took Two Years To Complete (And The Designers Nearly Gave Up)

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A one-of-a-kind, custom design Bugatti was so detailed the designers almost give up multiple times.

The distinctive four-wheeler, which was christened Lady Bug, has a truly singular livery that takes cues from its creepy-crawly namesake.

One exacting US customer tasked Bugatti with creating “a strict geometric pattern consisting of diamond shapes in a unique colour contrast” to differentiate his Divo.

The luxury car maker says that “owing to the three-dimensional, sculptural form of the Divo with its contours, curves and ribs, the 2D-printed diamonds became distorted”, and that it took weeks for designers “to match the CAD data with reality and pull the film over the deeply concave surface without the diamonds becoming distorted or developing folds”.

Fortunately, Bugatti didn’t quit even though the overall process took two years.

Instead, the designers began meticulously modifying every single one of the 1,600 diamonds to fit the Divo’s sculpted silhouette. This was a tricky task as just one botched shape or small mistake meant destroying the whole design. Once this painstaking work was complete, the final pattern was applied to 20-foot films that would eventually be affixed to the vehicle’s body.

Bugatti carried out the entire paint job by hand and it took a total of two weeks to complete. The team developed two special metallic tones - Customer Special Red and Graphite - to achieve the striking contrasting effect.

The Divo is limited to just 40 units, each priced at 5 million euros net plus options, and produced in the Atelier in Molsheim.

First deliveries were made in August 2020, and all Divo cars will have been handed over to their owners within the first few months of 2021.

The price of the custom Lady Bug piece has not been revealed.