The One Loki Season 2 Costume Fans Should Not Try To Create For Halloween, According To The Show’s Designer

 Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, and Tom Hiddleston taking cover together in Loki.
Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, and Tom Hiddleston taking cover together in Loki.

Loki is certainly known for its costuming choices, which range from the opulent to the functional populating the world of one of the best Disney+ series. Nothing fails to capture the eye though, as costume designer Christine Wada and her team have come up with some impressive looks that people are just bound to try and replicate for Halloween.

In her opinion, there's a clear winner for the look those with a Disney+ subscription should try to replicate. At the same time, there's also a getup that Wada feels would be the most difficult outfit to sport if anyone to try and copy its unwieldy nature.

Ke Huy Quan suits up Owen Wilson in his Temporal Core Suit in Loki.
Ke Huy Quan suits up Owen Wilson in his Temporal Core Suit in Loki.

The Loki Season 2 Look Christine Wada Does Not Recommend For Halloween

As our own Erik Swann spoke with Wada to celebrate the continuing rollout of Loki Season 2, she had a quick answer for the look she doesn’t feel is cut out for your next costume party. However, some of you thrill seekers out there might take this answer as a challenge to embrace your inner Heidi Klum. Whichever bucket you fall into, Wada shared with CinemaBlend the following Loki look as the high water mark:

Well, let's just start with what you should not do. Do not do the temporal core suit [laughs]. Unless you want to just roll to the party. Unless you'd like to just literally roll to the party and be sweating the whole time. … If you have like, a fan, maybe.

To be completely honest, that answer seems to be a ringer for the most difficult ensemble in this corner of the MCU. As seen in our analysis of Loki's Season 2 premiere, “Ouroboros,” the bulky and unwieldy nature of Owen Wilson’s Temporal Core Suit looked absolutely believable. So if you’re daring, you have your mission.

That being said, if you’re looking for a recommendation for a look that Christina Wada does vouch for, have no fear. Her advice is not only easy to follow, but quite stylish and available on shelves now.

Sophia Di Martino wields a blade as a threat on a Ferris Wheel in Loki.
Sophia Di Martino wields a blade as a threat on a Ferris Wheel in Loki.

The Loki Costume Christine Wada Does Recommend For Halloween

Loki’s prime look to copy comes from none other than Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), the Loki variant who holds a grudge, as well as she rocks her signature houndstooth coat. Christine Wada’s reason for why this is the costume to shop for ties into the reason she doesn’t recommend the Temporal Core Suit as well.

Once again sharing her wisdom with CinemaBlend, Ms. Wada provided this opinion with the following reasoning:

I think it’d just be so fun to be Sylvie, because it's just I think that costume would be really fun to like, move around in. And yeah, I think Sylvie would be fun.

Again, I have to draw attention to Sylvie’s fantastic coat, which does look comfortable and practical for the colder weather months. Playing as the flashiest piece of her look, all any aspiring cosplayer or Halloween funster would need is the armor, chain and headpiece that Sophia Di Martino’s character wears along with it. For those of you who want a little bit of a visual reference, besides the photo above, take a look at our analysis of Season 2, Episode 3: “1893” for a closer look.

Aspiring Asgardians seem to have their work cut out for them this Halloween, as Loki does have a series of looks that don’t require huge amounts of time to put together. Then again, if you’re someone who prides themselves one taking on the seemingly impossible tasks of putting together screen accurate costumes, there are options for you folks as well.

Just be sure to heed Christine Wada’s recommendation, and make sure you have a proper ventilation system built into any Temporal Core Suits you’re looking to put together. Also, take plenty of pictures, as this sort of fashion-flavored mountain climbing always needs to be shared with the world.

If you’re looking to grab that piece for yourself, it’s super easy, as Her Universe sells an official replica. Those of you trying to copy the look of Loki’s central anti-hero should take a look at that same source, as his double-breasted Season 2 peacoat is also available through their keen work in the fashion world. Above all else, if you want to catch any of the adopted Asgardian prince’s adventures through time and space, Loki and all other MCU titles featuring Tom Hiddleston are available on Disney+.