One dress 5 ways with Pink Julep at Clothes Show Live 2012

Samantha Robinson
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One dress 5 ways with Pink Julep at Clothes Show Live 2012
Ashley Turner of Pink Julep gives style advice

It can always be a bit difficult to make your money stretch around the Christmas period with all of those presents you have to buy. When the Christmas party invites keep on pouring in, it all gets just that bit too expensive to buy a new party outfit for each occasion. Plus, if you're anything like me, you're also the kind of person who just can't say no to a party - so what's a girl to do? According to Pink Julep, you wear the same dress for each! Yes, really.

Today I popped over to the Echo Falls Wine Parlour to catch Ashley Turner from the leading lifestyle blog Pink Julep. Using items that you already have in your own wardrobe, Ashley demonstrated how to make just one dress into five different looks.

Pink Julep's Tips
Ashley explained that she lives by the Karl Lagerfeld quote that 'one is never over - or underdressed in a little black dress'. That being told, she often mixes many different textures and adds lots of additional layers as to create a vast amount of looks with just that one dress. She believes that the key to doing this is by choosing what kind of style you want to achieve, and then using different items as to draw attention to different parts of your body, or turn that item into the outfit's statement piece, as to change the look.

The Demonstration
Sally took one black structured dress and used five items that she already had in her wardrobe - a jacket, a striped shirt, a white shirt, a pussy-bow blouse, and a tribal jacket, as to create the following five different looks:

1. Classic
Sally simply added a crisp white shirt underneath the dress, and added a pair of black heels, which created a classic monochrome look,- that's totally perfect for any office party in my opinion.

2. It's a Man's World
This time, Sally swapped that white shirt underneath for a striped version, which automatically made the look more androgynous. It's really that simple!

3. Boho
As to channel that Boho vibe, she took a hippie looking scarf (everybody's bought one of those gems whilst on holiday at some point!) and tied it around the waist, as to change the focal point of the outfit, which also creates the image of a different silhouette. You'll be Sienna Miller's double before you know it!

4. Glam
Now, for those parties whereby you really need to up your style stakes, she advised to keep the dress as it is- as nothing beats a sexy LBD! To inject more of a party feel however, she suggested adding a bright accessory of your choice, and this time, she chose a festive bright clutch.

5. Tribal
Finally, Ashley dug out a structured tribal jacket to accessorise the dress with, and shockingly, that alone was enough to create an entirely different feel!

So, now that I've seen how easy it can be done, I'm off to experiment with my wardrobe... and with all of the money that I'm going to save from not purchasing new outfits this party season, I can spend on pampering myself at the Clothes Show's beauty stands instead.