One of Costco's beloved food court items is making its grand return, and superfans are overjoyed

A photo of the Costco food court.
Raw onions are coming back to Costco food courts.George Rose/Getty Images
  • Costco is bringing onions back to its food court after a three-year absence.

  • News of the onions' return first circulated on Reddit after a photo of an announcement was posted.

  • The topping was removed during the pandemic and people took to social media to express their dismay.

Costco is bringing raw onions back to its food court, and hot dog lovers are celebrating.

The wholesale shopping chain, known for its food court full of cheap eats — including a $1.50 hot dog and soda combo — did away with the onions during the pandemic, per Yahoo. The chain also took away its popular free samples, but those returned in June 2021, according to CBS News.

It was a decision that left fans devastated, with some taking to Twitter to lament the missing onions. But onion lovers can rest easy now, because Costco just confirmed their return.


On May 1, Costco confirmed their revival in a statement to The Charlotte Observer.

"Yes we can confirm that Diced Onions are returning soon," Costco's statement read. The company's announcement came after news of the topping's return first started circulating on Reddit last month.

"The onions are returning soon to the PNW and hopefully to all costcos soon," user Hairy_Square_4658 wrote on the Costco subreddit on April 30.

Attached to their post was a photo of what appears to be an internal memo announcing the onions' comeback. According to the photo, onions will only be available to shoppers "upon request" and will be served in plastic cups. This is different from the onion crank dispenser that was used in the food court pre-Covid.

Popular Costco TikToker @costcohotfinds gave viewers proof in a May 10 video that has over 1.1 million views and 42,000 likes as of Saturday.

In the video, she shows herself ordering a hot dog and picking up a small cup of onions.

While thrilled to have them back, many commenters expressed their desire for other food items to return like the combo pizza and the sauerkraut hot dog topping.

In the onions' absence, TikTok user @eatitkatie took matters into her own hands and chopped up her own onions in the food court to add to her hot dog in a viral video.

"Someone's gotta do it," Katie captioned her February 2023 post which has over 602,000 likes and 37,000 likes.

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