One bit of the Selling Sunset Reunion has fans very surprised

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Photo credit: Mary Fitzgerald - Instagram
Photo credit: Mary Fitzgerald - Instagram

There are many reasons why we love Selling Sunset, the mansions, the outfits, the personalities and obviously the drama. Which is why we were so very excited for the very first reunion show, because we had a sneaky suspicion this is where things might kick up a notch. Well, during the episode there turned out to be one particular part of the episode that had fans *very* surprised.

Reunion shows are always drama, and the Selling Sunset Reunion which just landed on Netflix is no different. From addressing the whole Christine drama to the tension between newcomer Chelsea Lazkani and Davina Potratz, a lot was discussed.

However, there was one moment in particular that had fans surprised, with many of them taking to Twitter to discuss the whole thing.

In and amongst all the usual drama there was a moment where host Tan France asked Jason Oppenheim about his six-month relationship with costar Chrishell Stause, saying, "Jason, was it a showmance for you? Was it all real" Savage.

But what really had fans talking was Jason's response, as the typically very poker-faced realtor broke down in tears speaking about the split.

"I hesitate to answer that question," Jason responded. "I don't want to give it any credence. That's like asking me if the Earth is flat; it's a stupid question to me. I don't feel the need to explain to people that a very meaningful-" At this point Jason paused to fight back tears, while brother Brett squeezed his shoulder in support.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The camera then pans to Chrishell who looks to be tearing up also, while Chelsea puts her hand to her chest and says, "You're going to make me cry, I've never seen Jason sad."

Well, this is pretty much how everyone else felt too, as fans flocked to Twitter to say how surprised they were to see the realtor, who typically gives away very little, so upset. Plus, a lot of them were shocked at themselves, after all, we all tuned in for drama and now we're sobbing?!

If we could hug you rn Jason, we would.

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