The one big change Netflix's Lockwood & Co made from the book series

the big change lockwood co series made from the book
How Netflix Lockwood & Co differs from book seriesNetflix

Stuck for weekend plans? Well if you're anything like us, then you need to dive into the new detective thriller series Lockwood & Co which dropped on Netflix today.

The eight part series is set in London and sees a group of three teenagers form a detective agency, destined to fight off deadly spirits and ghosts. The trio is made up of psychically gifted Lucy, played by Bridgerton's Ruby Stokes, and two boys - Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) the owner of the agency and their friend George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati). After forming their detective agency they are destined to unravel a mystery which will change the course of history. Sounds right up our street!

the big change lockwood co series made from the book

Lockwood & Co is based on a series of books of the same name by Jonathan Stroud. Whilst much of the original story has been incorporated into the series, fans of the books prepare yourselves, there is one big part of the second book that hasn't made it into the series.

Contains spoilers! Writer and director of the Netflix series, Joe Cornish explained they had to cut a big fight scene from the second book between George and Lockwood and Kipps' crew, because of the cost it would take to create the scene.

Speaking to Radio Times, Cornish said: "There is a big sequence at the beginning of book two, where George and Lockwood go off and fight spectres on a common and they get beaten by Kipps’ crew.

"It was just a massive set piece that didn’t actually advance the story and we didn’t have the time or money for it. Having said that, we’ve had the time and money for absolutely every other set piece in the books. But that one we didn’t get to do."

the big change lockwood co series made from the book

So how exactly are they going to tackle not including a massive fight scene in the series? Well, Cornish went onto explain the audience will see George, Lockwood and Lucy discuss the fight.

"Instead the characters come in and talk about it. It would be lovely for it to have been a 20-episode series with £20 million per episode, then we could have done all that stuff!"

Technically the fight still does happen then, we just don't get to see the actual fighting occur. Therefore, the storyline can still stay pretty much the same.

Book fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Lockwood & Co is available on Netflix now

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