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We tried 3 different pairs of On Cloud shoes — here's why we're obsessed

Want to know our thoughts on design, comfort and quality? Keep reading.

three pairs of shoes repeating themselves on a page
Yahoo Canada Lifestyle editors and writers put three pairs of On shoes to the test & here's what we thought. (Photo via On)

Our editors have been loving On shoes: Here's why.

  • 💵 Price range: $200-$230

  • Our rating: 5/5

  • 🛍️ Reasons to buy: On shoes have gained a well-deserved reputation for their distinctive design, superior comfort and high-tech features, all of which help elevate your running and walking experience. They're also recognized as some of the best running shoes.

  • Reasons to avoid: While these shoes offer top-tier comfort and support, you may find better-suited options available on the market depending on your style preference and activity needs.

Quick overview

Finding a pair of shoes that lets you go for a long run or walk without constantly thinking about your feet can be a real challenge. The last thing you want is painful feet ruining the fun.

To bring Yahoo Canada readers the best footwear recommendations, we put some popular On shoes to the test.

On has been making waves for its futuristic designs and next-level comfort. Founded by retired athlete Olivier Bernhard in the Swiss Alps, the goal was to bring something innovative to the world of footwear.

We got three of our Yahoo Lifestyle Canada crew to try out three different On styles, and here are our thoughts.

two photos of someone wearing running shoes outside
The Cloudnova running shoes are lightweight and flexible. (Photo via Melina Brum)

Melina Brum, Shopping Editor

As someone who loves nothing more than a comfy shoe, it's crucial to find a pair that checks all the boxes. Listen, I'm no runner, but I do appreciate a long walk, hike and good ol' bike ride.

I've heard so many great things about On shoes, so I figured, why not see what the hype's about? When I saw the Cloudnova, I was immediately drawn to the style — they just look so high-tech and different from your traditional Nike or Adidas shoe.

I ordered my regular size and hoped for the best, and when I slipped them on, let me tell you, I did not expect them to feel that comfy. They give me a little boost, not just in height, but even when I walk — they somehow give me an extra push.

They're also so lightweight, and my feet don't feel stifled under the tongue. In addition to being supportive and flexible, they also have an easy lacing situation, and the opening is perfect for quickly slipping on.

Since they're so comfy and accessible, I find myself reaching for them all the time, even when I'm not particularly being active. Not to be dramatic, but where have these been all my life? They're seriously game-changing.

Shop the Cloudnova in 13 colour combinations.

$200 at On

The Cloudmonster shoes have a forward-rolling technology. (Karla Renic)
The Cloudmonster shoes have a forward-rolling technology. (Karla Renic)

Karla Renic, Lifestyle Editor

These sneakers are an absolute game-changer! The Couldmonster model features ON's "biggest CloudTec® ever," and you see and feel it immediately.

By no means am I a runner, but it's something I've been trying to get into, and these sneakers have seriously helped motivate me. They feel like running on a pillow that gently propels you forward with each step. I've never experienced anything quite like it – it's like a constant push that keeps you going.

As someone with fairly flat feet, comfort and arch support is hard to come by and I often find myself in pain after walking for a while, but not in these!

The Cloudmonsters are also really, really light and flexible.

The Cloudmonster shoes fit true to size. (Karla Renic)
The Cloudmonster shoes fit true to size. (Karla Renic)

I find myself reaching for these even when I'm just going to get groceries or to walk my dog. It may sound trivial, but they really make you feel like you're walking faster — and easier.

They're a bit funky looking, and while they might not go with every outfit, they're hands down the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn.

If you're serious about running or simply want an extra-comfortable pair of sneakers for running errands and daily walks, these are a must-try.

Shop the Cloudmonster in 15 colour combinations.

$210 at On

man wearing black pants and black and white running shoes, The ON Cloudstratus 3 offers a plush ride with a surprising amount of pop.
The ON Cloudstratus 3 offers a plush ride with a surprising amount of pop (Photo via Alex Cyr).

Alex Cyr, Writer

Seasoned runners know that running shoes come in three categories. The first two are obvious: they are the lightweight, performance sneakers with carbon plates and springy foam in their midsole that help people run something like four per cent faster in races; and the classic, cushioned training shoes designed for comfortable training runs and recovery days.

In recent years, a third category has gained popularity in running circles, and I call it the hybrid: they are shoes that combine the bounce and responsiveness of racers with the plushness and durability of trainers. The On Cloudstratus 3 falls square in that third category, making it a terrific workout shoe for fast training runs by blending speedy and support.

What On has done is take a sturdy training shoe — at 10.2 oz, this model is more robust than I had predicted it to be — and bolstered it with speedy tools. The company’s flagship nylon Speedboard (not as responsive as carbon, but more durable) propels me onto my forefoot and encourages a snappy stride; whereas their Helion superfoam, stacked inside a 6mm heel to toe drop, absorbs my landing and makes me bounce off the pavement with more vigour than a regular trainer.

There are certainly faster options than the Cloudstratus 3 on the market; but there are few that so seamlessly combine speed and durability. Think of it as an everything shoe — a perfect option for someone who wants to make it through a season of training and racing on just one pair of kicks.

Shop the Cloudstratus 3 in four colour combinations.

$230 at On

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