OMG! You Can Now Buy A Selection Box Of Biscoff Chocolates

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The UK’s obsession with Lotus Biscoff shows no sign of slowing down. And we’re here for it, tbh, as we love those spiced biscuits and the caramalised spread as much the next man.

So, every time we find out another Biscoff product exists we let out a little squeal of excitement. And this latest one is no exception. In fact, this box of Biscoff chocolates made us let out a very loud squeal.

This new Biscoff chocolate selection box has something for everyone. Well, as long as you like Biscoff and chocolate, obvs...

The Lotus Biscoff Collection features cute little dark, milk and white chocolates all stuffed with Biscoff spread and Biscoff biscuits. Seriously, those white ones tho…

The Lotus Biscoff Collection is available to purchase from our good friends over at GB Gifts, who import chocolates, sweets and snacks from all over the world. You can pick one up for £12.99, not including postage and package.

If you’re as into Biscoff as us lot here at Delish, you may also want to hear more about Biscoff hot chocolate, which folk over on TikTok have become obsessed with.

Lovely @poppycooks shared a video on TikTok of her getting stuck into the indulgent drink, and it’s safe to say, everyone was loving it in the comments section.

To make her version of the drink, Poppy simply mixes a big old spoonful of Lotus Biscoff spread with oat milk, which Poppy’s warmed up. She then piles on the whipped cream and away she goes!

Now, technically this isn’t actually hot chocolate as such as there’s no chocolate in it… but there’s no reason you couldn’t add a spoonful to a hot chocolate if you’re missing the chocolate element.

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