See Meryl Streep in first Only Murders In The Building season 3 trailer

see meryl streep in first only murders in the building season 3 trailer
See Meryl Streep in first Only Murders s3 trailerDisney

It's official, Only Murders In The Building has been renewed for a third season, and we *cannot* wait to get back inside the Arconia building for more mystery and mayhem. For the past year, we have been following the journey of Charles, Oliver and Mabel and their obsession with true crime, as they try and catch (read: a few) killers in their affluent Upper West Side apartment building.

While we're pretty sure we can expect more laughs and chemistry from the three main characters, we've gone and done our own digging to see what we can find out about the third instalment. Here's everything we know (slash predict) so far...

Is there an Only Murders In The Building season 3 trailer?

Yes! The first trailer dropped on 14th March 2023, and shows actual Meryl Streep in character. The trailer begins with a dramatic death scene and Mabel (Selena Gomez) wittily remarking "Well, you know, who are we without a homicide?"

We then see Streep’s character comically introduced as she takes part in a roundtable script reading. "Oh my god, it’s me!" she laughs, adding, "Oh, I’m sorry. It’s me, isn’t it?"

When was Only Murders In The Building season 3 confirmed?

Hulu broke the news that Only Murders In The Building had been renewed for a third season on 11th July 2022, not long after season 2 was aired. In a surprise Twitter announcement, the official account tweeted alongside a video: "My neighbours have a special message for you all: #OnlyMurdersInTheBuilding will return for Season 3! Now I just have to worry about who's next... I hope it's not me!"

Selena Gomez, who plays Mabel Mora also shared her excitement, as she retweeted the tweet and wrote: "So excited for SEASON 3!!!" And for those detectives amongst us, you'll know that she accidentally slipped the news before Hulu announced it. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: "I finish season 2, I did my cooking show, now I’m going to be in the studio until season 3. Basically, we’re going to be working on new music." Oops!

What is Only Murders In The Building season 3's expected release date?

While there is currently no release date, Disney (which owns Hulu) announced that the new season will be released in 2023.

We can predict that the next series will drop spring/summer of 2023 due to season 1's August 2021 premiere and season 2's June 2022 premiere. And with both series being 10 eps long, we imagine season 3 will be the same, too.

Who will be in the Only Murders In The Building season 3 cast?

While we know that Selena will be making a reappearance (thanks to her accidental announcement), Only Murders In The Building would not be Only Murders In The Building without Steve Martin (Charles) and Martin Short (Oliver). We're also putting our money on the other main cast members coming back for a new season, so that means Aaron Dominguez (Oscar), Amy Ryan (Jan) and Da'Vine Joy Randolph (Detective Williams).

Selena Gomez gave us some more intel, as she revealed in the announcement video: "All of your favourite characters are gonna be returning for season 3!" While that makes us super happy, with the nature of the show, who knows if all of our fave characters will actually make it?

And if this info that we're about to tell you comes true, we would bet everything we own that the ratings would go through the roof even more than they have done in previous seasons. Speaking to Variety, showrunner John Hoffman revealed that he'd love Harry Styles to join the cast in series 3. "Harry Styles should be visiting the apartments in the Arconia. Why not?" he said. Um, yes please?!

Whilst there's no word yet on Harry Styles making an appearance, we do have some very exciting news to tell you. Meryl Streep and Emily in Paris' Ashley Park will both be joining the cast of Only Murders In The Building!

Selena Gomez shared the very exciting news of Meryl's arrival on the show with a video on her Instagram account. She showed herself on set with Martin and Steve, only for Meryl to pop up in the background and begin fluffing Steve's pillow. Now that is what you call an iconic cast announcement.

Selena also posted a black and white photo of herself with Meryl, Steve, Martin and Paul Rudd who joined the cast at the end of season two. It's not currently clear what role Meryl will play in season three, however we do have more intel on Paul's character.

Speaking to Variety co-creator John Hoffman said: "Paul Rudd, after making an auspicious entrance into the world of our show at the end of Season 2 as Ben Glenroy, is someone we clearly want to know more about and see in our upcoming Season 3 — as he is a clear source of many upcoming questions and, as ever with our show, many twists yet to come!"

As for how the news was announced that Emily In Paris star Ashley would be joining the cast, she took to TikTok alongside her soon-to-be co-stars, Selena and Martin. "Murders?? IN THIS BUILDING????" Ashley captioned the video. "So excited to join this killer (pun intended) cast of amazing humans."

According to Deadline, Ashley is set to play a broadway star named Kimber.

So exciting!

What will happen in Only Murders In The Building season 3?

Unfortunately, we don't have any information on what will happen in season 3. We now know who killed Bunny, so it's likely the storyline will move onto a different murder case. Could it be about solving the mystery of Paul Rudd's character Ben Glenroy, who is seen suddenly dying during his performance on stage at the end of season two? *Waits impatiently*

You can watch season 1 and season 2 on Disney +.

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